Just as oysters are the perfect companion to French champagne, our local abalone must be the perfect pairing with the Bosman Wines from the Upper Hemel-en-Aarde region.

These vineyards grow amidst indigenous fields of ‘fynbos’ in the cool upper reaches of the Karwyderskraal Valley so their minerality and finesse are the perfect foil for the delicate flavours of the sustainably-farmed abalone.

Get to know the area intimately by stopping first at ‘Heart of Abalone’ situated in the new harbour for a tour which starts off with the quirky history of abalone in Hermanus, the biology of this sought-after mollusc and the threats posed by poaching.

Then follow your guide through the abalone farm to see the 5-year process of cultivating this rare species, as well as the effective green energy harnessed by the crashing waves and used in production.

Next stop is up the hill to the Frame House at Bosman Hermanus where guests will enjoy a unique wine pairing of abalone and the Upper Hemel-en-Aarde range of wines.


The Frame House is a peaceful place offering beautiful views of the indigenous vegetation, vineyards and the surrounding mountains.

Bosman Hermanus