Sustainable living workshop series

At Bosman Hermanus great effort is taken to tread lightly on the landscape. We aim to farm sustainably and therefore the entire 270 hectare farm is under conservation management which means that a concerted effort is made to continuously encourage the indigenous ‘fynbos’ to flourish.

While being passionate about sustainable farming, our Frame House promotes sustainable living. For us it has become a way of life to improve the life we live.

We have curated a practical yet inspiring series of workshops to promote sustainable living and guide us all back towards the fine art of using nature’s gifts to live better.

Join us every first Thursday of the month for an interactive workshop with skilled, experienced presenters and walk away empowered and inspired.

Art of baking sourdough

Presented by Chef and baker Rickey Broekhoven

Date: 2 September 2021

Sourdough bread is an old favourite that has recently become popular again. Many people consider it to be tastier and healthier than conventional bread. Some even say that it’s easier to digest and less likely to spike your blood sugar.

Chef and baker Rickey Broekhoven felt so strongly about a good sourdough that he decided to start his own bakery, specialising in the perfect art of making sourdough bread.

Join Rickey to find out how to make our own sourdough starter and bake your own breads at home.

Forage for veld foods

Presented by Chef Rickey Broekhoven and indigenous plant expert and forager Hendrik Bothma

Date:  7 October 2021

Foraging for food, edible plants specifically, is an exciting and growing pursuit in the rural and urban landscape of South Africa.

Chef Rickey Broekhoven has a great passion for using foraged foods and herbs in his restaurant cuisine.

Walk with Rickey and Hendrik amongst the foot hills of Hemel-en-Aarde to identify the edible from the rest and then incorporate them into special dishes.

Medicinal foraging and their uses for everyday health

Presented by Dr Julienne Fenwick, registered medical doctor and functional medicine practitioner, and indigenous plant expert Hendrik Bothma

Date: 4 November 2021

Many of our indigenous fynbos species have wonderful medicinal uses.

Join Dr. Julienne Fenwick and Hendrik Bothma on a walk through the fynbos to identify these plants and put them to use for every day cures.

Fynbos wreath making for Christmas

Presented by local florist Bernice Baumgarten and plant expert and forager Hendrik Bothma

Date: 2 December 2021

Christmas is around the corner and decorations are essential in getting everyone into the festive spirit.

Join Bernice and Hendrik on a forage adventure around the Frame House to source beautiful fynbos for your Christmas wreath. Bernice will help you create a unique fynbos wreath with some special touches to make it last throughout this happy season.

Soy candle making

Presented by Damiana Avelino

Date: 3 February 2022

Our candle making workshop will allow your creative side to play as you learn how to make hand-poured, soy wax candles that melt into a nourishing aromatherapy massage oil.

With our focus on sustainability and all natural ingredients you will create a luxurious product with a personalised scent that is free of toxins and which is eco-friendly and cruelty free.

Indigenous gardening, the simple art of making and planting cuttings

Presented by indigenous plant expert and forager Hendrik Bothma

Date: 3 March 2022

“Once indigenous plants become extinct, they are lost forever, and hence more South African gardeners are planting indigenous shrubs and trees in their gardens – plants once only seen growing wild.”

Allow Hendrik to guide you back to the wild by interacting with indigenous flora in their natural environment. Learn about threatened species and how to sustainably harvest material to propagate indigenous plants. See the native plant diversity and forage for special cuttings amongst the plant richness of the Upper Hemel-en-Aarde Valley on the Bosman Hermanus farm.

Bosman Hermanus